Bobby Williams for Georgia Governor

About Bobby

Three time former Mayor of Duluth and businessman ready to take Georgia to the next level.

Straight from Bobby...

I’m a simple man with a lot of interests. Reading has always been a favorite pastime. When I was young growing up in a hard working family that could barely afford to pay attention reading taught me things and transported me to the stars. Today I still have the same fascination for the written world. I can read many times faster than YouTube tells the story.

Traveling was a pent up desire from all that reading and to that end I have travelled a great deal. First nationally with a chemical company that after 100 years does not exist anymore.  Later I traveled internationally first to Europe with Nokia and then to the far east with my own import business.  The exposure has produced a solid businessman and public servant that sees our home and our world prospects through the eyes of experience.

I remain fascinated with learning.  I have a real thirst for knowledge and the brain God provided me is exceptional when it comes to both retention and application of one piece of knowledge with other relevant items. 

I am loyal, patriotic and will take a stand. Nothing disturbs me more than a lie. Lie to me and we are done...

I reward loyalty and faithful service well.  I don't consider myself exceptional but I am willing to take responsibility.

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