Bobby Williams for Georgia Governor


This list of subjects are import:  A list in no particular order.

Traffic;   Crime;    Jobs;    Education;    Roads;    University; System;    Environment;    Wildlife;    Fisheries;    Tourism;    Transportation;    Second Amendment;    First Amendment/ PC;    Human Trafficing    Abortion;    Homosexual Agenda;    Hunting & Fishin;    Energy Use and Production;    Housing (Tiny Houses); Casino Gambling; Tarriffs and Trade

Tarriffs and Trade

Most of the Politicians who are in opposition to Trumps tough trade policies and tarriffs don't know a damn thing about the real situation they know less about negotiation and the now absolutely nothing about the Chinese.

The first thing to get through your collective heads is that America is lots of companies with a variety of management ranging from pretty good to absolutely worthless.  Any American business school MBA knows a lot about manipulating the numbers and making the stock prices and their personal bonuses as large as possible. 

In the process American businesses have failed to manufacture raw products such as steel and aluminum among many others effectively and competitively.  When you add the policies of our "trade partners"  like Germany, Japan and China to name just a few of subsidizing nearly all of their industries by capital finance and tax writeoffs for their capital investment the playing field has always been stacked heavily against business in America.

They cry out that tarriffs will cause a trade war, they are against tarriffs but when you look at the relationship between business and government in the countries I have named and many others their economic assistance to their businesses amounts to nothing less by being a subsidy to reduce their operations costs.  Trump is charging foreign manufacturers a tarriff that removes their own goverments stipend provided to help them control the export business.  

The Facist system of government and business being close coupled exists in nearly every industrialized nation outside the United States.  You are competing against Germany Incorporated not just Bayer or Simmens.  When you deal with Japan Incorporated you have Sony and Panasonic or Matsushita Electric. Finland Incorporated is Nokia and others.  Perhaps the country least examined by hiding in plain sight is China Incorporated in a completely Communist government.

Every one of these countries is providing an unfair business advantage to it's large corporations and crying out about tarriffs.  Don't you believe it, the result is exactly the same and it's time we got fair treatment.  The only way to enforce fair treatment is to gain some of the leverage our foreign business friends have enjoyed under the table in their own countries.

The American Politicians who are crying out against Trump's Tarriff action are simply owned by businesses and industries who gave them the millions to get elected in the first place.

They don't care about the little man, the working person in America who will once again bring home a paycheck from a steel mill.  They don't care that America will expand it's own aluminum operations to take up the supply. Many of our politicians are as dumb as a bag of hammers, lawyers with no affiliation to truth or fact.  I don't agree with everything you see coming from the Trump governent but in this area he gets it.

Casino Gambling

Great, lets get some casinos going on in Georgia and generate some jobs and revenue for State programs that need the money.  I would also submit the people building Casinos already know where they would put one without the assistance of anyone in the State House directing.

My guess would be a cluster on 400 somewhere between I-285 and Lenox Road with easy rail access and another on I-95 so close to the Florida State line you could spit.  The population with money to spend in Metro Atlanta is north of I-20.  Make somebody in the Casino business a deal on all of Underground Atlanta and put a security protocol around it to keep out the crime and scum.  Those in downtown will need a break on the fees to justify rebuilding that Underground mess and the security it will take to keep away the crime.

Florida is the most populous state in the Eastern United States and does not have casinos.  Locating just minutes from the Jacksonville airport could work out pretty well.

Conditional Support of Casino Gambling

I have seen the statement of the Democratic Candidate regarding a "needs based" contribution to the Hope Scholorship program.  I believe that whole system needs to be audited and examined for it's product in the past 20 years or so of it's existence.  Huge amounts of money have been spent sending students who were more intersted in not going to work than in getting useful degrees.  How many have used Hope money that quit or flunked out before graduation.?  How many have gone to work in Georgia after graduation and contributed to the next generation of Hope recipients?  How are the recipients being chosen?  

Needs based is just code for minority applicants and I don't think our state needs to be discriminating against the best students that want to continue their education regardless of race or family income. 

If we eliminate the "crip" programs the Underwater Basket Weaving, Art History, Communications, Political Science and my favorite Women's Studies there will be plenty of money to send the business, pre-law, pre-med, engineering, math, computer sciences, chemistry, biology and other Liberal Arts Degrees English, History, Education etc.  Let Starbucks train their own people I see no reason our Hope Scholorship money should be doing it.

Make the scholorship a partial scholorship and discount the tutition.  We should be getting a wholesale price from our University system anyway. I would discount the tuition for all programs based upon their earning capacity upon finishing an undergraduate degree.  Clearly it is not worth as much to train a teacher as it is a doctor and it cannot possibly cost as much.  If it does with the results we are getting from our schools we should be demanding a refund.

There is also a restriction that does not permit a student that is Incarcerated to get Hope Scholorship money to pay for course work while they are in the joint.  How stupid is that?  The very meaning of the word Hope applies to a kid or young adult that is behind bars making amends for past behavior.  I thought we were supposed to be encouraging these young people to have a vision of lifting themselves out of this life and on to better law abiding life.  If all they know when they get paroled is what they learned from the career criminals their path will be steep and slippery.  

Show me you went from a criminal conviction to pulling out A's in a useful degree program and have applied to a Georgia University and I will come to your parole hearing.  If a student who has been incarcerated for a non-violent or at least no serious injury or death in their sheet and graduates with a B average or better in a degree that will produce a job and I will consider a pardon for that person.  We will make them a Citizen again and damn happy to do so.


Every teacher must take and pass the 12th Grade Exit Exam annually. Only one retake allowed. Fail it and you will not be teaching in the classrooms of Georgia.

Methods back to the basics.  Reading, Writing and Arithmetic are the base skills.  Nobody needs to concern themselves with issues of the greater good or politics until they can read, write and do math proficiently.  

The antiquated idea that some ratio of teachers to students is the mose important factor in hiring is baseless.  It makes school expensive and it presumes other methods are  not effective.

It is rare to find a process that we engage in today that is exactly the same as it was at the turn of the 20th century over 100 years ago.  Why would we view a classroom in the same way we did in 1900?  The stupidity of using teaching methods that neither the student, the parent or the teacher really understand and hiding behind the credentials of the people who "invent" the "new math."  What was wrong with the old math and parents understand how to help.

Flash cards work, they taught me how to add, subtract, multipy and divide just fine and I have a technical degree.  My parents understood the method and made me practice by holding up the cards every night.  They are cheap to make and easy to replace.  They work pretty good for spelling too.

Reading is the core of education.  A person who cannot adequately read is carrying a handicap that will dog their heels every day of their lives.  We must not fail in teaching EVERY Georgian to read no matter what age they start.

Writing is what separates us from the beasts.  The ability to record thoughts, to communicate thoughts and instructions not just person to person but across time and space has allowed humans to accumulate knowledge in amounts represented by many lifetimes not just the one we have to learn with as we pass through.

Am I the only one on the planet who can see that smart phones are the conduit for educating our youth.  They won't put them down lets make the experience useful.


Traffic/ Roads

Traffic does not get completely trampled in Atlanta until someone makes a bad move and a smash up occurs.  Those bad moves are usually aggressive driving combined with speed. 

The aggressive driving has gotten remarkably worse in the past few years.  People with dash cameras should report aggressive drivers and include a film clip.  When a case is made repeatedly against an aggressive driver make him or her walk for a few months.  If it continues the second time you take the license we will double the time it is suspended.  Keep doubling until it is no longer important or they learn better.  Drive while suspended for this reason and we catch you and you are going to need a bicycle.

Reduce the Interstate speed inside a 10 mile radius of the I-285 during the busiest hours 7 am until 10 am and again 4 until  8 pm weekdays.  At the reduced speed of 50 miles per hour wrecks and aggressive driving will go away and a normal flow of traffic 8 lanes wide moving 50 MPH is a huge pipeline of cars.

Every day we have someone dead on our Atlanta highways before breakfast is over.  They are not always the aggressive driver.  More commonly they were chugging off to work with every intention of being home for dinner.  Listen to the traffic reports if you don’t believe me.  WSB is my choice and it’s rare by 8 am when a traffic fatality has not occurred.  Listen up, you could be next.

Jobs & The Economy

Georgia has two neighbors who do not have State income taxes. If you will examine both there are ways we can cut if not eventually eliminate Georgia’s State Income Tax.  When we are competing for a factory location or other such enterprise having a state income tax is a large negative.

Georgia takes in huge money and spends even more aggressively. It is not okay to spend everything you take in. You spend on what must be spent.

Georgia has too many people on the payroll. They all will take everything you can pay and then grouse for more.

In times past a State job was a steady job but did not pay as well as the private sector. Things flip flopped many years ago and needs to go back.  I am dead set against unions for public sector jobs.  Public Sector employers don't have to make a profit and simply tax to cover whatever fool salaries they choose to agree with in a negotiation.  No Way.

There is not a single area of government that cannot reduce staff by 30%.  Technology has not been used effectively to keep staff growth under control while delivering the same or better services.  Just try to register your corporation online in Georgia and see how lousy the addaptation of online commerce we have so far.  When all you are doing for the money is checking off the paid column on this years fee the method for making it happen should be slick and easy for a citizen to use.  Many other examples are available.  A check off list for motor vehicles you need to pay for new tags.  Check off the one's you want to pay and submit.  Pay with the same card?  Yes.  Thank you, your tag receipts will be delivered in under 10 days.  Please refer to number &%$#@*^ I you must contact us again on this issue.

The jobs we need are private sector jobs.  We don't need to give away our future to Amazon or other such huge employers so they will move their operations to Georgia.  Be competitive but remember, they have to pay for the infrastructure they will use.  For us to build roads and other services for them we must have tax revenue to service the bonds.  If they don't pay there must be a clear path to the payment of the employee taxes they will generate.  At the end of the day Georgians don't deserve to pay for a companies success state revenues.

If we are to be successful in providing jobs to our children and the people who are moving to Georgia in droves from California and other places where taxes and regulations have driven them away must be absorbed in a robust system of small business start ups and developments.  Small Business is the key.

Public Safety

Police, you will find a friend in Bobby Williams.  Lawyers and Judges, not so much.  It's not that I don't like lawyers and judges it is simply the fact that a conflict of interest exists between regular society and the hyenas of the legal profession.  They feed on the rest of us and making one of them a judge does not change their affiliation.

The legal system overlay that our police are force to work under makes them targets wearing uniforms.  

They are the target of thugs who have no hesitation to killing an officer if that is what it takes to escape.  They are the targets of every race baiting good for nothing activist in America and you know who they are.  

All of the peace loving Black, Hispanic, Asian and White People in Georgia may relax and know I am here to represent everyone.  

I will not tolerate anyone of any race being treated wrongly in our justice system but there cannot be a hostile environment for police officers in our state.  We will not tolerate violence against these men and women on duty or off.  

We will make the State of Georgia so hot for criminals they must go elsewhere.  Let me suggest California or New York where they get the red carpet welcome with open arms.

As your Governor I will also create a force to act in support of the police in Georgia who will report to the local authorities and serve in reserve during special events and times of stress.  These deputies will be selected from our holders of consealed carry permits and will all be deputized.  They will report to local police departments and be available for duties to free up serving officers for more important and mission critical activities.  The "Thin Blue Line" will be widened.

Thuggery and Gang violence will be eliminated in Georgia under my Governorship.  If we have to have every man and woman in an area carry a shotgun everywhere they go we will make this a safe place to live but driving out the criminals.  This land was originally setted by people who held a plow in one hand and a rifle in the other or at least across their backs.  If our forefathers were willing to fight for this land what is wrong with us.


Homeless veterans and those who struggle with jobs are of particular concern to me.  We sent these men and women into battle ill prepared for what they would experience.  Oh we taught them to fight but young people who never saw a chicken killed were not prepared to be wearing their buddie's blood.  That has been a problem in every war we ever fought.  People of Georgia, we owe these service members a debt of graditude and we owe them better than living on the street with no hope and no help.

I am told that over 20 times a day a veteran commits suicide in America.  I don't want any of that on my watch and we are a very heavily military State.  They refer to them selves as a Band of Brothers and I assume now Sisters as so many women now serve.  We are going to get behind them and their peers and strike up this band and determine how best to help the most we can.  If we do it right we can reenter these people into our regular daily lives and put some of the best trained among us to work as productive Georgians.

When I am Governor of Georgia we will be by all standards the number one State in the Nation on how we handle these issues. Veterans will all have the opportunity to get 3 hot meals, showers, clean clothes and a warm clean bed. Let's call it "Three hots and a cot."

We will deal with educating job skills and medical issues once we get everyone clean, fed and sleeping on clean sheets.

We will pay for this by a voluntary tax on our internet or utility bills each month. If you don’t want to pay, then don't. From $1 to $5 per month will fix this problem. Remember, I said it was voluntary I did not say I would not know who is contributing and who is not.  If you wish to be in the express lane of how you conduct your life you will need to be a contributing member of the effort.

If you think it is an important issue help me by dedicating a nickel per day for this effort.  That's $1.50 per month roughly.  A million such nickels if $50,000.  You and a small portion of today's Georgians could be donating a million nickels a day on just that issue.  With $50,000 per day we can move the needle on what is happening with out homeless and homeless veterans in Georgia.  So for a couple of lunches out during the work week you could move the needle on ten such issues and your waistline will thank you for bringing the sandwich instead of going to the Taco Truck.

I have been in the financial business of moving money for 24 years and we know exactly how to make such a program painless and cheap to operate.

Second Amendment

The people of Georgia are now and will remain armed.  If every man and woman in Georgia was carrying a shotgun we could stop worring about terrorist and crime.  I do not take orders from anyone in Washington DC or the Haque about our people being armed.  It's a shame things have to be this way but until we go back to hanging horse theives we will have criminals among us and weapons to protect us will be needed.

Georgia Lifestyle/ Jobs

Georgia can be a place of peace and happiness for all it's residents who wish to participate.  I don't believe I can pull 500,000 jobs out of a dark place as apparently Casey Cagle can but there are deals out there to be made that need a good businessman to make them. That's me, I am an excellent businessman and I have made a lot of people money in my dealings with them.  

I have heard it said that "Business is War...Business is a Game... Business is a Means of Keeping Score.  I don't believe business is any of those things.  

No, business is an engine and business in a Capitalist environment works well for the benefit of everyone until somebody seeks an advantage.  

When a company wants to cut short the environment or the employees for the sake of management and investors it causes a push back from the public and it deserves this reaction. When a radical segment of our public uses our legal or administrative system to stop or hinder a project that the people need because of some worthless fish that has been sucking around for extinction for millions of years that's wrong too.  

What you need in leaders are people who don't drink the corporate or radical kool aid and exercise the two most rare characteristics to be found in a person today especially a politician.  Those are Common Sense and Judgement.  With enough time passing you may be able to add Wisdom to the mix.

Jobs Addendum

A recent artical in the news out of California was describing their new law against the use of plastic drinking straws.  It seems some 4th grader once determined we use 514 million plastic straws per day.  It's a lot like other environmental logic that just sounds great but isn't true.  Most environmental nuts are liberals and to a liberal the fact that something isn't true does not mean you cannot believe in it and by the way if you intended the right things when you were believing the flawed data you are a nice person not to be confused with those people who insist the theory must be true.

First it was styrene cups, you know what, they are not recyclable so they are evil and we must retask our industry to make bio degradable cups and plates etc. The same for paper bags instead of plastic.  I just have to include the Mayor of New York as he limited the content size of soft drinks in New York City. 

Lets just say we did put a round figure 500 million plastic drinking straws into the landfills every day.  Lets put 500 million poly sterene cups in there too.  Know what you would have in 25,000 years, the straws and cups would be just like today. 

The biodegradable cups and straws the environmental whacos' want to replace these with will degrade and their components, the chemicals that keep the paper from becoming wet with coffee or keep the paper strong as the hot coffee is contained in the paper will leach out and be carried by rainwater to the bottom of the landfill where these chemical filled waters will seep out of holes in the liners and into the water table of the community in a lot less than 25,000 years.

It is important the answers be correct.  The road to Hell is paved with good intentions.

Biodegradable = Bad

Non Biodegradeable = Good  

The styrene and plastic straws can have additional useful lives.  Most people don't know that the plastics and glass they separate end up in the landfill. 

At the same time we continue to experience errosion of river banks and our costal environment.  Taiwan developed a design for structural components used for breakwaters, errosion barriers on river banks and underwater structure building reefs many years ago.  I saw these devices everywhere along the river in Taipei, the capital city of Taiwan long ago.  The pieces are designed to interlace and become very difficult for the forces of water to move.

Glass crushed in a ball mill, plastic melted from all sources like straws and water bottles when blended together would be poured into forms.  When they cool the pieces would be shipped to where they would be needed for use building offshore reefs and structure to support marine life.  The same kind of structure would work for river errosion.  The molded plastic will last nearly forever and the glass is very heavy to give the items heft.  

Lets use or brains to solve several problems with the materials involved.


God gave Man domain over the world and all it's contents.  He gave this to Man so that we could live on the fruits of the land and the animals created on this land.  What God did not do was to give Man the right to abuse this gift.   

We have to educate people to take care of the environment.  This starts with separating facts from fantasy in what information we bring to the process.  Take man made Global Warming for an example.  

It simply does not exist.  Yes the planet warms and it cools in a very narrow band of temperatures but Man's impact upon that process is so very small when compared to the major energy source, the Sun, it's rediculous to try to measure our impact.  The Global Warming doctines have been the result of junk science and outright lies from researchers paid to come to the wrong conclusions.  It is also a plank in the platform of Global Governance where the United States can be punished for it's success and lifestyle. That is not going to happen on my watch.

It is true that the United States uses a disproportionate amount of energy versus the undeveloped or less developed world.  The answer is not to stop our use of energy but to increase the availablity of energy in those undeveloped and third world locations.  You cannot improve the lives of people in the third world until there is adequate engergy in the forms needed. Even in the worst crap holes in the world you need electric power and clean water as first cuts at life.  Adequate food supplies and means of storing food to prevent spoiling come next.  

The presumption by the (Progressive Communist Party; PCP; Read Left Wing Democrats and Radical Environmentalists)* in America, an Oxymoron if I ever heard one, that the prosperity of the world is a "Zero Sum" game and someone has to have less for someone else to have more is absolutely INVALID.  

Jesus once fed a multitude with a handful of fish and bread resulting in well fed people and more leftovers than they began with in the first place.  We cannot anticipate such a miracle but we know how to farm fish, grow food and move it all in a way to get it to the least of us.  It's politics that make it difficult.

Look at our Southern neighbor Mexico.  You won't find better people anywhere than Mexico.  They get a bad rap for the drug business but if the average person in Mexico had the guns we have here in America that would get cleaned up and they BS they call a govenment would be deposed and brought to a functioning Republic as we are.  They have water, land, labor, capital, sunshine, seeds and all the mineral wealth that a nation state could wish for anywhere.  What they don't have is a middle class. 

You have the super rich and the Peons who hardly own the clothes on their backs.  This system has been perpetuated by the Mexican Government and heavily influenced by the Catholic Church.  I am not attacking either institution I am just saying some changes are needed.  If we ever got our own act back together in the United States Mexico would make a great addition as the next 10 states in our Union but we don't want the Canadians.  (Just Kidding)

The Earth can produce and sustain enough prosperity for everyone.  Some attention in the third world to population growth would be useful.  It won't be many decades until the planet is hauling eleven billion souls.  For those people to live well, eat regular and not gum up the planet they must have abundant energy they can afford.  In lots of those places I have been it's much more dangerous to go to the bathroom in the dark than it is here in the middle of the night.  We all need reliable energy.

Illegal Immigration

What part of the word illegal did the Democrat Stacey Abrams not understand.  The issue of allowing children illegally in our country access to HOPE scholorships is not legal.  Does she think it's okay to break the law and then "wink wink" do as she pleases.  My question is not how much HOPE money these children are entitled to (ZERO) but how much of our State, Federal and Local tax money have these people soaked up to this point?  How are we to recover this money?

It should come from the checks and retirement checks of every official that ignored their illegal status and let them stay to take up classroom space, free lunch programs and a whole lot more.  Americans are sick to death of people coming to this country and sponging off our taxpayers.  Illegal is a word that has a meaning.  Any politician who ignores the law is making their own law.  How do you know the habit won't get worse.?

This seemed like a good place for this discussion.  I believe if you don't have a border and protect that border from people who wish to penetrate it for any reason you don't have a Nation State and you cannot have sovernty.  Both are unacceptable.

In our high technology world we can have someone pick up a package at our business in Duluth, Georgia and send it to Hong Kong by air.  At every point along the way that anything was done to affect the passage of this package from it's pick up to it's destination we can track every event.  We know who received the package and who signed for it immediately. 

Are you going to tell me we cannot investigate a person's records, determine if they will be allowed into the United States as a temporary worker and track that persons whereabouts at any time we wish using the same or similar technology?  It is a lie. Financial transactions to countries all over the world are accomplished in minutes with a vetted sender and receiver then the deal is done. 

So you have two problems.  1.  The Communist Democrats, that is the far Left Wing that most Democrats do not understand what an open border and a society that depends on government for everything.  2. You have the fat cat Republican Deep State that want's the cheap labor so they can keep their costs down on killing millions of chickens at Tyson Foods, a big Clinton supporter, or picking vegetables in California etc.  Neither of these interests will be served by an orderly and equitable immigration policy that would encourage the immigration of high value, educated doctors, engineers  and scientists.  They want chaos and the lowest rung o immigrants they can keep down and poor.  Mexicans with a valid work visa will want more per hour killing chickens or building houses.  I think they deserve it.

If we need a million workers and UPS can keep track of a 100 million packages daily we can devise a system that works fast and true.  

I do not support illegal immigration but I do support fixing this lousy system and firing the people who are abstructing it now.

Sanctuarty Cities in Georgia, there will not be any.  I will remove any elected officials who fail to follow the law or seek to obstruct other law enforement from enforcing the laws. There will be on "Witch Hunts"  either.  By that I mean people living peacefully and working in our community to provide means for their families will not be unnecessarily threatened.  Get crossways of the law and that all changes.  Our country and our State have always welcomed good people.  In a proper immigration fix there would be provision for the law abiding violator willing to be vetted and pay a fine to make ammends for the illegal status.


These subjects are near to my heart.  I love the outdoors and I remain committed that my grand children will have access to some of the wild places I have enjoyed.  I am also committed to fixing some of the damage done before me where I can.

I live in Gwinnett County with about a million of my friends and fellow Georgians and this morning before sunrise I drove around deer, O'possums and Racoons on the way to the office so I could work on this in my regular day.

No doubt the urban sprawl that has overrun our suburban area is affecting the wildlife.  There is no stopping growth in our area and I don't believe we would if we could.  People have a right to do as they please in developing their property. It is not Montana, everyone knew this was coming.  Having said that, the amount of land left undeveloped is far bigger than you think.  Sewer outfalls, rights of way, creeks, rivers and wetlands all form a part of our neighborhoods.  Most of the time these properties are ignored but they wildlife they support is significant.  

With another nickel per day type program these rights of way and outfalls with the permission of the property owners could be improved for wildlife and even some fish and aquatic life as well as wild fowl like wood ducks etc.  

Imagine a place under a major power line where we scoop out some water tanks and line them with rubber liners like my wife's fish ponds to provide habitat for a variety of species and water for many more. 

There would be no hunting or very limited hunting zones. (Only as needed to keep healthy populations)  We could put some people to work taking care of such facilities, building such places and delivering supplemental food and water when needed.  All the design would be subject to low growth conditions and not directly under any active lines. 

Hundreds so small oasis' for animals surrounded by our urban population all tied into a system of Internet cameras for your viewing pleasure would be great.  Only a nickel a day.

I am a big supporter of wildlife.  I have been a hunter and a fisherman from my earliest memories.  I still love being out there in the woods now but I don't have much hunting in me now.  I love that my accumulated knowledge of animal behavior and habitat make me capable of being such a keen observer.  Our grand children need to be taught these skills as well.

I am a friend to the hunter and fisherman anywhere in the world.  I am also the worst enemy a poacher or abuser of animals you ever want to find.  Don't do these kinds of things in Georgia when I am Governor.


I grew up on the saltwater bays of North Carolina before moving to Georgia in 1978.  My family was too poor to pay attention but we always had some old boat and most an outboard motor that would run, sometimes.  Lots of great experiences were had out there for not too much money.  Even some of the bad days were pretty good.  

If I get to Heaven and find that the fishing isn't the very best I ever experienced I am going to be some disappointed.  I can see it now going fishing with my Dad, Uncle Carol and his brother Marvin and best of all their Daddy Bill Johnson the funniest man I ever knew and we are off on another fishing adventure.  We will laugh so much our sides will hurt the next day just like always.

Fisheries are really multiple subjects divided into Commercial and Recreational interests.  Commercial Fishing is tradition and it feeds us our seafood mostly.  Recreational fishing brings in many times more revenue as the recreational boaters buy everything they need to fish with, gasoline, oil, bait, equipment, hotel and motel rooms, camper spaces, meals and the list goes on.  The money spent and the jobs and small business impact of sport fishing is huge.

Both have their uses and both deserve a fair shake on the resources.  There will be conflict that must be resolved to move forward.  

Most sportsman fishermen believe the Commercial Fishing interests have abused the fishery enough over the past two hundred years.  On the surface I would tend to agree but they were doing what they knew and what they felt that they had to do to make a living.  

Before the fisheries can be restored, habitat rebuild and commercial aquaculture can be placed in operation a real plan needs to come together.  Florida, Texas and other States have banned some commercial net fishing for years and the rebound of the Sport Fishing and recreational water use has boomed.  The losses to commercial fishing could be made up by investments in the aquaculture in the areas that really make up a much more predictable source of income for the watermen than fishing ever did.  

A lot of people don't know that Geogia was once the largest producer of oysters in the country and much of the world.  Oysters were harvested in our coastal waters and canned for shipment everywhere at the turn of the 20th century.  The resource was depleted by no re-investment in the structure where the oysters were grown.  

Now days the University of Georgia and it's Marine Extention Service can tell you everything you ever wanted to know about oysters.  They just need guidance and some money to get the ball rolling.  Georgia also needs to work up some mutual aid programs with our neighboring states so we can get our plans in sinc.  Everyone in the Wildlife and Fisheries business has the same overall desire to see improvements and commercial success but we need to be on the same page in regulations and sharing information from what we learn more formally.

We have some great and knowledgeable people already.  They need to get the attention and some of the investment they need to get the projects rolling.  Then, someone who knows how to manage needs to build a fire under some people's butts to make it happen.  


Seems like a next good subject after fishing but it's a lot more serious.  

Georgia has more than ten million people.  Almost 6 million of them live in Metro Atlanta and are drinking out of the same unreliable well, Lake Sidney Lanier with a trickle coming from Lake Alatoona.  Those of us who can recall the drought's of the 80's and 90's know there is nothing that you can use to stretch a water supply if it does not rain.  We have gotten very close and our water quality was borderline. 

Since those instances tens of thousands of homes have been built up stream on the watershed going into Lanier.  The water quality is not getting remarkably better and the supply is what nature decides.

Metro Atlanta cannot continue to rely upon "luck" for our water supply.

There is no way Georgia can take all the water in the Chattahoochie and correct this problem.  The courts won't permit it and it would not be enough anyway in a serious drought.

Other sources of fresh water exist.  There is no shortage of fresh water just a problem with it's distribution.  It always seems when one area is having a flood another is experiencing drought conditions.  As populations get larger and the weather continues to be as unpredicable as it always has been we will have to have access to water in other parts of the country.  One day we will need a water system to rival the Interstate highway system to supply fresh water to our homes reliably in this country.  We may as well get started in a limited way.  We will even use steel made in America and American know how to solve this issue.

I have a plan.

Homosexual Agenda

No to be too flipant about this subject but I don't have an agenda for this subject.  Live and let live and I really hope I get all the homosexual votes I can get.  

I don't believe we should make homosexuality a sub species and protect that person under the law more than anyone else, not less than anyone else either.  I keep my private life private and I try not to let my PDA's be of a nature that distrubs anyone around us.

I think gender was decided by God when you were born.  What you do with that landing gear and how you choose to present yourself is up to you but don't expect me not to be shocked at least for a minute with your presentation.  The English Language has He, She and It.  Choose one of these as you decide.  I will not recognise anything else personally nor will I suffer any laws or ordinaces that do.

I don't judge nor do I let my religious beliefs intrude to do so either.  I have seen what it says in the Bible and were it me I would work on that but its not me.  The Bible still say adultry is a sin too and look how popular that one has always been.  

Still, homosexuality is not exactly as main stream as our TV and Hollywood personalities would have us believe.  It still is way less than 2% and it does not have a growing  camp.  

Have your fun and parade if you wish.  I won't tolerate people abusing your rights or the other way around.  Remember Live and Let Live.


Personally, I am sorry that anyone has to get an abortion.  I have children and grand children.

I don't feel it is my place to tell some young woman what to do with her situation.  That is between her and her conscience and she deserves the privacy to deal with the situation.

If we really don't want to see it lets take the anti-abortion side of this coin and make a solid path from the early days of the situation right to care and adoption including some housing and education for the mother to remove her from the circumstances that produced this result in the first place. 

It is as simple as rewarding the behavior you wish to see most often. If you make the rewards of keeping the baby and putting it up for adoption so great that it's the only path that makes sense abortion clinics will close themselves.

Make keeping the baby so compelling that abortion goes away not legislate it away.

Additional work should be done to provide young women with safe and effective birth control.  IUD's are cheap and effective, there are implants that can be done for three years.  If condoms and abstanance were going to work the Abortion Clinics would be closed already. 

For those of you who are against providing birth control devices and education on the topic of sexual intercourse because you feel it is encouraging the behavior you are simply idiots.  You are causing the problem of unwanted pregnancy and therefore providing the feedstock of the Abortion industry. You are the cause of the problem you oppose. I am hardcore Christian but this does not float.

Housing and Tiny Houses

This is a subject that has peaked my interests for several years.  Young and old alike are looking seriously at the amount of living space they really require and can afford to pay for out of savings or cash flow to avoid huge debts.  

With the expenses of getting started in the world even a couple with good jobs can be quite challenged in their living quarters.  Down sizing the same way.  Once you get rid of most of the "stuff" you have accumulated over the years the number of square feet requirement goes way down.  Heating, cooling and maintenance on a 300 to 600 square foot mini house / Tiny House looks pretty good too.

The problem has been zoning. That is when a bunch of your most nosy neighbors feel they have a right to dictate how you use your own property.  It was real popular for keeping the house size big enough the neighbor did not ruin your resale with a small house in the area.  A lot of communities have been cloned down to a minimum of 1600 square feet in the footprint of the house.  The days of young people getting two jobs right out of college and buying a full sized house on a mortgage that stresses them both out month after month to make the payments are over for the Millennial Generation.

Millennials, Gen X and even some old Boomers like me are not interested in the debt and we don't need the space in our lives yet or in my, case any more.  The really well thought out designs and fixtures that make life comfortable can now be put into 300 to 600 square feet.  Comfortable, safe and affordable are the watch words for housing in the future.  With a lot size that would permit future expansion when children arrive or Elderly relatives need housing the Tiny House concept has huge application.  Mostly it needs help getting the local authorities to accept it as a zoning classification.

We want to have money left over for the things that interest us and time to use it.  Why do I need an acre of grass to mow and pressure washing to do.  I want to play golf, go fishing, the younger folks spend their time hiking, hang gliding, skiing, or developing some software that will change the world.  We have to make the circumstances fit both the need for housing and the money the aveage buyer wants to dedicate to that part of their lives.

Human Trafficing

I don't think there is anything in the world that attracts my anger and disgust more than the subjects of human trafficing and petdophiles.  Important points here are that these two topics are almost synonyms.  They are largely the same thing and perpetrated by the same people. 

The entire subject is pure EVIL.  No other word describes what a situation where a grown person kiddnaps a child and tortures, rapes and often kills that child.  Pure EVIL, Demonic Possession and the use of these children in Satanic Mass, Rights and Ceremonies are happening right under our very noses every week. 

In a one year period 58,200 children under 18 were kidnapped by people they did not know in full on kiddnappings.  These children were taken at least 50 miles from their homes, beaten and/ or raped then killed.

That is almost the same number as the killed in action in Vietnam over a ten year span of time. A football stadium full of young people kidnapped, abused and murdered each year and it is getting worse.

If you have ever lost sight of your child or grand child in store or mall even for a few minutes you have experienced the terror our petdophile infestation has placed in America.

The forces that are responsible for these henious acts are woven throughout or society.  There are Priests, policemen, businessmen, teachers and every slice of life you can imagine who are into this perversion and Satanic worship.  It is going to take a national program to eradicate this problem.  You don't  want to be caught doing these activities in Georgia with Bobby Williams as Governor.

Energy and Exploration

Simple:  Let My People Drill.

l know the people of Georgia need jobs and energy.  The not in my backyard approach to energy most Hollywood people choose to back does not hold water.  When you show up to protest oil or gas drilling try not to be driving and SUV to the protest and you Hollywood types if you come here in a private jet I don't want to hear it.

Windmill technology needs a lot of work before it becomes reliable energy.  Today's production windmills have to many failure points and are extremely expensive for regular duty.  

Tidal systems are limited in their productivity and areas that might be a good candidate.  

Solar is still more expensive than the other alternatives but I believe solar panels have lots of applications especially for residential and business.  Not unlike buying "futures" in the energy business building a solar panel systems can level the cost of your energy over long periods of time with only small Investments.  State and Federal tax credits can ease the burden of installing these systems.

Perhaps the most useful solar device for most Georgians would be a solar water heater or pre-heater.  I would challenge our engineers and students to provide a design that would work best and be economical.  It would be designed and built in Georgia.  A school would be supported to teach people how to sell and install this anywhere they are needed.

You don't have to go completely, "off grid" to make a long term impact on our energy supply.

Coal, burn it clean and use lots of coal.  The hyperball of global warming and carbon foot prints is bunk.

Nuclear,  The best choice yet if the authorities would handle the crazies better.  A huge part of the cost of nuclear power is the permitting and delays from some snail darter or two.  We need to be using the French technology of Fast Breeder Reactors with their fuel encapsulated in carbon fiber.  Should anything get out of control the reactor SCRAMS itself shutting down the nuclear pile.  No risk of China Syndrome or other style of meltdowns due to a runaway nuclear reaction.

Technology Start-ups

Georgia Tech, Georgia State, Kennesaw and others too numerous to mention have been running technology start-up programs for several years and this is resulting in serious investment in these green field businesses and is making some inventors and software engineers wealthy along with the early investors.

The State of Georgia needs to buy into this system and stand up for the long term impact it will have for Georgia to become a Silicon Valley East.  We don't have to invent anything, just join in the process and become helpful. 

These start-ups are full range from food items like pig skins cooked in Olive oil to Fin Tech business that does person to person money transfers to 56 countries in seconds.  Some amazing things are being done right in our backyard.

Good places to design the future of solar water heaters.


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